ITS Forensic Solutions

ITS Forensic Image Analysis

•Image Capturing Device 

•Printer Identification 

•Handwriting Signature Verification 

•Image Manipulation

The Product

Identifies a unique signature within a digital image(s)/video and matches it against the source device (camera/mobile phone)

The Benefits

Criminal and Terrorist Investigations
Podophile, child pornography and protection investigations
Proof of sharing habits and patterns of behavior for commercial purposes
Detection of networks for sharing images – commercial and legal
Intellectual Property and Copyright Protection
Proof of Ownership and Audit Trail of images


The Product

A complete management system for all data extracted from mobile phones.  Automatically manages digital data from multiple extraction tools.  Cuts out hours of manual processing and removes the likelihood of human error, giving fast, accurate intelligence.

The Benefits

•Automated the formatting, analysis and storage of digital data 

•Cross-reference limitless data from limitless sources 

•Provide audit trails  (chain of custody) of each piece of data 

•Manage large data sets with speed, accuracy and instant access 

•Share information instantly across the network