The electronic invoice is a digital (electronic) document that proves transactions for the sale and purchase of goods and services. The electronic bill has components and characteristics that are prepared and signed electronically, and sent and received instantly through the electronic billing system with the knowledge of the financier.

Why US ?

• The best program for establishing customer data to comply with the requirements of the electronic tax system. 

• Allow items to be coded to comply with the requirements of the Tax Authority.

 • Register electronic invoices, and send them to the Tax Authority through one click. 

• Review invoices before sending them to the tax platform according to the criteria specified by the Authority. 

• Obtaining a single number for each invoice sent to the Tax Authority. 

• Approval of the electronic invoice and acknowledgment of receipt.


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 Items coding

Register all customers

Create invoice

Electronic signature and unified number if required

Send invoices to the Egyptian Tax Authority

Confirmation of validity of invoices - approval and receipt