DNA ID Systems

Short-time DNA Identification System

How is DNA used in identification

 •Most of our DNA is identical to DNA of others. However, there are inherited regions of the DNA of certain genes are as unique to everyone as fingerprints.

 •Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) are short sequences of DNA, normally of length 2-5 base pairs, that are repeated numerous times in a head-tail manner.

        1-Traditional DNA Fingerprinting Techniques 

        2-Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms – RFLP 

        3-Capillary Electrophoreses (CE) STR typing using 2nd Generation Sequencing

  STR typing using 2nd 
generation sequencing

Our Solution

 •Our STR panel contains 24 loci (23 autosomal + Amylogenic) which increase discrimination power compared to AmpFlSTR Identifier Kit (15 autosomal + Amylogenic)
 •The sequencing technology we use, provides High Portability
 •Our in house developed AI software provides 100% accuracy
 •Our full solution, which comprises of the sequencing protocol we use plus cloud computing plus our in house developed AI software provides Ultra rapid results (from sample collection to identification in only 6 hours)
 Can run any number of samples.